Are you an artist as in a dancer or choreographer, who is not afraid of a challenge and wants to promote their art at the same time? Then let's enjoy this RETO! We'll create a choreography together and at the end I'll film it; and this in ONLY 3 hours! You can choose a space that you LOVE, outside or inside! The video will be edited by me and you'll receive it as a present from me to you. You are able to do with it what you want, even with the material we have created. How does that sound? If you are up for it, let me know:


Can't wait to start, let's do it then!

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Do you LOVE to see and hear (new) artists talking about their work or are you an artist yourself? Then you are:


I interview (new) artists who DESERVE to be seen or who want to be seen. Do you feel that you need to promote yourself (more) because of gaining work, making new connections, having material filmed that you can use as promotion, or whatever you want to show, then let me know and I'm pleased to interview you ;)

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Wanna know all the artists in all over the world personally and what they create? 

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