Are you an artist as in a choreographer, actor, painter, photographer, you name it, who loves to combine their art with dance? Then GO into this SPACE! You'll feel at home because of its cozy feeling, you're up to create the most beautiful or funny thing that you can ever imagine and above all you ENJOY what you love to do: CREATE AND DANCE! 

If you've read this text and you get the feeling that you can't wait to start, let's do it then!

Give me a call and let's have a talk about how we can create the perfect space for you ;)


Do you LOVE to see and hear (new) artists talking about their work or are you an artist yourself? Then you are:


I interview (new) artists who DESERVE to be seen or who want to be seen. Do you feel that you need to promote yourself (more) because of gaining work, making new connections, having material filmed that you can use as promotion, or whatever you want to show, then let me know and I'm pleased to interview you ;)

Give me a call and let's make it a wrap!


Hereby I will give you a small introduction of the space Le Coffre de Danza. Please, feel free to contact me If you have questions! Enjoy the video and hope to seeing you soon! ;)

Wanna know all the artists in Valencia personally and what they create? 

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