Are you an artist as in a choreographer, actor, painter, photographer who loves to combine their art with dance? Then GO into this SPACE! You'll feel at home because of its cozy feeling, you're up to create the most beautiful or funny thing that you can ever imagine and above all you ENJOY what you love to do: CREATE AND DANCE!

If you've read this text and you get the feeling that you can't wait to start, let's do it then!

Give me a call and let's have a talk about how we can create the perfect space for you ;)


Other information about where, how big and price about this living room is:

Very important too ;)

Le Coffre de Danza is situated next to Santa Cruz school, near Nou d'octubre metro in Valencia (Mislata).

The space is 50m2 big.

Look down to see some photos! 


 5€ per hour

If you want to rent the space for more than 50 hours a month, we can have a talk and see what price comes out ;)

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to start creating! Yeeeahhh let's do it!

Call me if you think; Let's GO and rent the place, yeah!! Or if you prefer to send me an email; Let's DO that!