Okay! So, this is my couch, where I sit with my boyfriend Nacho Gallach, (incredible draftman!!! ) wearing the same bathrobe haha!

This is one of the best moments of my day because he is part of my life, here in Valencia, and gives me even more energy to do what I love doing. As that said ...

My name is Kim Leeuw and I'm from the Netherlands. I have been living in Valencia since summer 2018. In 2009 I graduated at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg (Netherlands) as a Choreographer and dancer. After graduation I have had my own company named Kim Leeuw Choreography / Video for around 11 years. Now I am founder of Le Coffre de Danza.

What do I do?

I help artists in all over the world who need support with their creation of videos, marketing and sales by taking pictures, editing and filming their work. 

Ready, set, go!

All about ART! 

Besides this I interview artists to help them getting more visibility and material for their portafolio. This concept is called: 'Pleased to meet you' YouTube Channel

And nevertheless: Le Coffre Danst!!

Challenge: Creating a choreography and record it in 3 hours which can also be used as a promotion for their portfolio.

Let's promote ART and all the artists who deserve being seen!

Stay informed of the latest posts 😉

...for all who want to create themself and what they love doing... to follow your dreams and become a better YOU... ...let's keep ART alive...


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