I help (new) artists in Valencia who need support with creating videos, marketing and sales by editing and filming their work. 

BAM! Let's DO this!

I own a physical place, named Le Coffre de Danza in Valencia, where they can create, teach, talk, and expose their art without being busy with the selling and online-sharing part, which I will do for them through my YouTube channel. 😉 

 Ready, set, go! 

All about ART! Teachers are giving classes; creators are talking about their work (can be: work in progress); advice about how you achieve doing what you love (related to ART) will be given by several professionals; Dance, Yoga, Pilates and Stretching exercises are explained for who needs to get fit or stay healthy; and last but not least: Let's promote ART and all the artists who deserve being seen and want t be seen!

Stay informed of the latest posts 😉 ...for all who want to create themself and what they love doing... to follow your dreams and become a better YOU... ...let's keep ART alive...

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